For some people, sports topics include the most basic, football, soccer ball, and baseball type sports. However, for many others, the world of extreme sports is much more enjoyable. It is the excitement, but it does go much deeper than that. An extreme sport is the one that requires not only the person to have physical abilities that most people do not, but they must also face physical dangers that could in an instant, be life altering. These sports are gaining more popularity by the minute and each year there is a steady decrease in those people who play traditional sports while there is a consistent increase in those who do extreme sports. This leads to the question of, “What is the appeal and what is the world’s most favorite types of extreme sports activities?”

Some of the most popular, but not overly dangerous extreme sports include, snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding. These are sports that many young teens are drawn to because they can feel a sense of accomplishment. There are many who also enjoy BMX racing. In all of these sports, there are very few injuries as long as the person doing it, takes the time to put on their safety gear.

Other, more dangerous, extreme sports include activities like highlining where a person attempts to walk a tightrope that is about 1in wide. They do not have safety gear or nets, but they are attached to the rope so that if they fall, there is something that may catch them. Another sport that does not require safety gear is free soloing where a person attempts to rock climb without any of the traditional rock climbing gear. There are no ropes or spikes or anything else to use with this sport.

With the newfound popularity of kayaking through white waters, there has also been a sport called, “creeking” which is gaining fans. With it, people intentionally go off a waterfall in their kayak. However, they do usually wear safety gear when they take the plunge. BASE jumping and wingsuit flying are also risky moves. To take a jump wearing a wingsuit, you must first be very skilled with skydiving. BASE jumping is a banned sport that still has fans. It is perhaps the most dangerous of all extreme sports because it is blamed for more than 2,000 deaths per year.

Extreme sports, such as skateboarding, cliff diving, and performing stunts on a bike is something that is constantly drawing a crowd. Each year, more and more people take it to the next level. There are tricks to learn, areas to jump, and fun to be had everywhere. It is almost shocking the way that people risk their lives for the ultimate thrill. However, people, especially the younger generations, do. Those who aren’t participants in it, enjoy watching it on television or live. Why? Do you understand the full truth behind why people everywhere love extreme sports?

For many, it is the thrill of pushing themselves to the limit. They enjoy the rush of pushing themselves a little harder than the average person. They need the adrenaline rush that comes from rushing down to the end of a bike ramp and putting their bike upside down in midair. The excitement of waiting, suspended, upside down for that split second and then the hope that they will land safely on the other side. It is the same thing that pushes people to ride fast roller coasters. That heart pounding moment when your mind says, “Are you sure?” is enough to make people want more.

Others enjoy the fact that they can do something that most people are afraid to try. It takes a lot of talent and a lot of practice to be able to pull off the tricks that they do. With that, there is a lot of pride that comes with pulling off the perfect rail slide or jumping from a cliff that no one else has dared to jump from. It is an accomplishment and much the same as all other sports, it is not something that everyone is able to do well at.

Since the beginning of time, when man first began walking the Earth, people have found a way to push themselves to the extreme. Whether it is rafting down the rapids or simply inventing something to make life easier for themselves or others. Some men are ready for the challenge of seeing how far they can go. For those who simply watch others take the risk, there is also a rush, because deep down, all people care about their fellow man. No one really wants the worse to happen, but we watch in case it does.

Extreme Sports is a type of sport that requires people to take big risks. They challenge each other to soar higher and flip more often. They defy gravity and apparently laugh in the face of potential dangers. It is something that more people are beginning to enjoy and one study shows that there have been more than four million accidents in a span of only 11 years. However, as the name implies, it is an extreme sport and with that comes some very extreme injuries, not all of which are fatal, but most of which do leave a person forever changed by it. Here are some of the most serious injuries that people have suffered playing extreme sports.

One major injury occurred in 2012 when Jeb Corliss, a base jumper, made a jump that landed him on a rock ledge. Upon impact, he broke both ankles, three of his toes, and more. He was cut to the point that he needed skin grafts to close it back up.

A snowboarder, Kevin Pearce, fell taking a halfpipe run. It resulted in a coma and doctors felt that he may never walk again afterward. However, after two years of therapy, he has not only regained his ability to walk, but now is also back at snowboarding.

Stephen Murry, who most people may know from BMX biking, died after a severe crash, but was revived after a few minutes. The accident immediately broke his spine because he was attempting a flip and it did not fully rotate. He landed head first and is now paralyzed from the head down.

Surf Champion Bethany Hamilton was bitten by a shark, which took off her arm, when she was only 13. She was practicing and many never thought she would be able to surf again. In less than a month, she was back on the water practicing and she still enjoys hitting the water.

As more and more people begin to take chances and play extreme sports, there is a further risk of the numbers growing. People are also beginning to play at earlier ages and take it to the next level. Wearing safety gear is a great way to prevent death, which still happens more often than you may realize, but safety gear may not totally prevent life-changing injuries.

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As long as a kid remains on risk-free websites, you may feel that they are risk-free from all the possible concerns that may come from being online. Sometimes, this can be true, but there are few kids who will stay just where their moms and dad says they can go. Specifically when colleges are additionally starting to offer children with e-mail addresses, pen friends, and also a lot more. Incorporate that with the fact that some college sites permit youngsters as well as teens to mingle via them as well as virtually any person could upload photos on social media; as well as quickly kids become more exposed. In this situation, the just true means to exercise internet safety and security is through Kingmaker digital citizenship course.

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